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Result of 2015 USHS Entrance Examination

Schedule of Enrollment for School Year 2013-2014

USHS 2013 Entrance Examination Results

USHS 2013 Entrance Examination

USHS 2012 Entrance Examination Result

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     The University Science High School, established by virtue of the CLSU Board of Regents under the Board Resolution No. 1622 dated June 14, 1976 as a prime school for students who are inclined to pursue science and technology courses which the country needs for its massive and sustaining development programs. In 1978, Board Resolution No. 1780 was passed revising the curriculum and changing the name to Agricultural Science High School as an answer to the clamor for change of the traditional curricular offerings.

     Further revision/enrichment of the curriculum was made in 1979 to strengthen the agricultural components and meet the needs of the students who seek admission to Agricultural Institutions of higher learning without prejudice to the original goal of preparing the youth for intensive training in science and technology. The school has opened its doors to interested applicants who qualify through screening by an entrance examination to fill up the limited slot of 80 in the first year level since 1978.

     In 1983, the school was back to its original name, the Science High School, to respond to the schools' intensive emphasis in science and technology.

      Now in its more than 2 decades of existence, though a small unit in the University under the College of Education, the USHS has been an asset and will always be an asset continuously giving its share in making CLSU a bold name in the academic world where science and technology front the line in its educational thrusts by producing quality graduates.




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